First Visit

Before your arrival, our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have.Knowing what to expect during your first visit to the clinic made the patient experience more enjoyable. 

Upon arrival, the friendly staff will guide you in the office of the Doctor. There you will discuss in confidence your medical and dental history and your goals and expectations about your smile. Ample time is given at each meeting to discuss all questions and your concerns.

Then you will be taken in the workplace and will follow the following tasks:

  •  “Control with Intraoral camera. This will give you a first-hand picture of the condition of your gums, teeth and fillings on the screen in front of you. We also take photos of your smile. These images are stored for future assessment, analysis and comparison. Certainly you may lavetai a copy of each image to see with your family or with friends.
  •  Intraoral examination to rule out any possible pathology.
  •  Check of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and muscle palpation. 
  • Examinations hard tissue: a review, mapping and analysis of existing fillings.
  • occlusal analysis. It is possible orthodontic gnomamefsis by special orthodontist who works in our clinic.
  •  Periodontal examination: Accurate measurement with millimeter accuracy of periodontal pockets. Evaluation of the gingival tissue tone, texture and color. All are depicted on the computer and you will be given a copy of our conclusions.