Digital Techology

Using a small sensor placed briefly in the mouth, an x-ray image of high analysis is obtained. This sensor functions as a miniature camera that is more sensitive to the radiation of the radiographic apparatus with respect to the normal light.

Intraoral camera

The intraoral camera is a small camera that allows us to see clear and accurate images of the mouth, teeth and gums and to make accurate diagnoses.
Besides the camera, the doctor uses a semi-professional camera that produces high-resolution images. These provide a more accurate diagnosis and also used for greater accuracy during all complex reconstructive and cosmetic cases.

Digital Photos

The doctor is using a professional Digital photo – Nikon D3200 for assisting the dental technician to see the minor details necessary for the achievement of the best possible aesthetic results.

Minimal Invasive Dentistry

This is the restoration of teeth with the least invasive and conservative way.

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